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Why this lowest price for our Cloud SSD servers

Why this lowest price for our Cloud SSD servers - Host My Website Online

To answer the question why are we offering the lowest possible price for our Cloud SSD shared web hosting accounts, I want to let everyone introduce the founder of Host My Website Online; Mr Jafar Muhammed is a veteran open source contributor who is passionate about the open Web. He is contributing to various non-profit organisations where he focuses on digital inclusion. He is advocating about the potential power of the Web.

As part of his mission, he started offering web hosting services to his closed client group five years ago. It was not well branded and a personal service offering. Recently he identified that there is high and growing number of webmasters who are being trapped and locked in proprietary ecosystems where different companies and websites are offering free Web hosting services to attract them.

The team behind Host My Website Online discovered that such free offering websites are potentially dangerous to the people who use their facilities and on a large scale damaging for the healthful Internet. As part of his awareness efforts, he wrote a blog post explaining why it is a bad idea to rely on a free domain name and free hosting service provider.

Being a startup, we are greatly influenced by his vision and commitment towards the safe and affordable web for everyone.

After checking various costs to us, we have finalised the price per one entry-level hosting account. And with this pricing, we started offering our Web hosting service to everyone; so anyone can take advantage of our lowest priced premium Cloud SSD servers without lock-in themselves in a shady company’s trap.

Here, I will brief how can we provide our services at this lowest price yet the premium infrastructure.

SSD the Storage of Tomorrow

We are running our servers on a Cloud SSD network, and here is what we make one of the most rooted cost cutting. I am not going deep in the comparison between HDD vs SSD here, but I will list them in simple terms. If you bought or used an ultraportable laptop, you have well experienced an SSD storage. Unlike using a Hard Disk Drive (HDD), the Solid State Drive (SSD) has many significant advantages. Applications served via SSD will launch incredibly faster, and the high read-write capacity makes the file transfer quicker.

In general, an SSD doesn’t require more electricity to run, on a desktop or in a server, that will lead to a lower energy bill. SSDs are typically 4-5 times faster and more reliable than HDD. Our SSD server will reboot in just a few seconds which will help us to roll out reboot-required updates more frequently server-wide.

All of these power will make us reduce the infrastructure operations cost significantly lower; and naturally, lower operations cost means either more profit or less expense to the end user and we choose later.

Less Support Request

Providing technical support is another significant expense to any service oriented company. If a company receives less support request from its clients that means their cost to manage their support facility would be admittedly less. If a service is top-notch, typically error free and easy to use, then usually the end users will not create a support request or make a support call; and that would leave having less expensive support centre. This confidence that what we have, we don’t have too many support request coming from our clients; we do receive support requests every single day, but they are mandatory tickets seeking support for migration assistance and a one time SSL deployment.

We have another cost-cutting method applied here; we don’t have a dedicated support department in-house, we have outsourced all our support operations to a third party company located in the US and Singapore. These support agents employed with a pay per support requests and available round the clock.

Jio, the Change Maker

You know the technology is evolving, specs are changing every moment. Let me take Reliance Jio as an example. High-Speed internet connectivity was a luxury to us before Reliance launched Jio network. We all used to browse the internet with up to 3G speed using expensive monthly data packs; typically has 1 GB per 28 days. Once Jio launched and gained users other companies forced to follow Jio and reduce their data pack costs, and it’s validity to be near to Jio; none of the Telecom companies replaced their whole infrastructure, but they just updated necessary software and hardware. Now take a breath and imagine, what would happen if Reliance did not start the Jio service, we surely are paying the same or even more than the then current plans and the companies may tell us that 4G network is expensive than the 3G or 2G thus you need to pay more; isn’t it? Now we are enjoying 1GB or above data access per day with an impressive 4G speed at a very lowest price when comparing the old days.

Many other great companies provide high quality yet with the lowest price in their industry. I am not going to list them all here; I hope that the Jio example will give you enough spark in your thought.

Still Not Ready to Move?

I can understand that, and that’s why we are providing a 30 days money back guarantee or a 30 days free trial without you entering any payment information. Try and validate yourself worry free. Do contact us if you have any questions and make your decision wisely.

Gifty works at Host My Website Online as a Contents Specialist. She is passionate about the Web Developer community and loves WordPress.

FREE SSL, Aren’t they powerful as paid?

FREE SSL, Aren't they powerful as paid - Host My Website Online

We at Host My Website Online provides a free SSL to make your website HTTPS, while you may know that SSL certificates are very expensive. So, how can we give it free of cost?

An SSL certificate for your domain considered as a luxury due to its cost. Getting a paid SSL certificates were very expensive and still it is. But not more. It is completely free.

Free SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority (CA), run for the public’s benefit. It is a service provided by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). Great organisations like Mozilla, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Google, Akamai are sponsoring Let’s Encrypt, so you know it is not a small world.

Let’s Encrypt typically issues more than 500,000 certificates per day, and they are capable of issuing millions per day. They provide HTTPS certificates to over 70 million domains.

Why the Let’s Encrypt’s certificates are free?

We want to clarify that; We are a hosting provider who requests, retrieves and deploys SSL certificates from the Certificate Authority, Let’s Encrypt. We do not provide any fee to Let’s Encrypt or any other parties involved in the process. We have administrative and management costs which we are bearing ourselves.

Let’s Encrypt do not charge a fee for their certificates. Let’s Encrypt is a nonprofit, their mission is to create a more secure and privacy-respecting Web by promoting the widespread adoption of HTTPS. Their services are free and easy to use so that every website can deploy HTTPS.

Difference between free and expensive certificates

Certificate Authorities used to sell certificates for a wholesome amount of money until Let’s Encrypt came along and started issuing them for free almost two years ago. Let’s Encrypt have faced a lot of scrutinies and even hostility from companies who sell paid SSL certificates and their resellers who also make the vast amount of money out of it. That is obvious because the free SSL certificates offered by Let’s Encrypt kills business model of the corporation that sells paid and expensive SSL certificates.

All Certificate Authorities must issue certificates by following Baseline Requirements; a document set out by the CA/Browser Forum. Baseline Requirements explains everything that a CA must do to validate the owner of the domain, how long an issued certificate can be valid and many other restrictions that any CA must adhere to during issuance of certificates. While conforming is not optional, and there is no difference between a certificate issued with a fee or free mentioned in the Baseline Requirements.

Better Encryption

Arguments are coming from sales reps, and resellers of paid SSL providers mention that the Encryption made by paid SSL Certificates are superior to the one issued free of cost. Let’s be clear; Certificates have nothing to do with the encryption of data transmitted.

In fact, server configuration and not the certificate handle the encryption of data.

HTTPS will eventually but quickly replace from being a good-to-have to a mandatory. SSL is not just for a big e-commerce website. Even if your site is a static website which contains not even a contact form, you still need to have an SSL on your domain.

We offer a free migration to our servers; please do get in touch with us if you are looking for high reliability, 100% SSD Shared server with a free SSL certificate at just ₹35.00.

Jafar Muhammed is an advocate of the open web, an open source contributor, passionate to bring more people online. He is the CEO of Threadly Store LLP, the parent company of Host My Website Online.

Why you should not use FREE Web Hosting

Why you should not use FREE Web Hosting - Host My Website Online

Like selling free domains, there are a few companies who are offering free website hosting accounts. In this article, we are trying to explain why is it a bad idea to choose a free hosting service provider.

Before we begin, we wanted to tell you that there are many many costs associated with running a web hosting business. Cost of electricity, ISP charges, Air Conditioning, Engineering support and maintenance, physical and online security, local taxes and human resources allowances etc. are directly connected with an upstream provider or known as a Data Center provider. When it comes to the retailer hosting provider who operates using a Reseller account or a VPS, or even a Dedicated server, there are similar costs. Marketing and Sales expenses, running an industry standard 24/7 support systems, efficient and knowledgeable technical support staffs, monthly fees to keep the control panel software, automation software and other server related software, salary and office expenses are a few of expenditures.

How can any company give you something free of cost when it is costly to the company? Well, there would be some tradeoffs. Please note that we are not talking about service providers who provide free trial for a limited time, it is the websites who offer free hosting accounts for a lifetime.

Offer FREE to BUY customers

Many of us are eager to get everything free, or at cheap, it is human nature. So the word free or cheap are high ranking keywords in search queries. And companies who give free hosting services will get the benefit here. Most of the time attracted customers will sign up for a free account, but an experienced buyer will always know that there would be something they need to compromise. And once a buyer sign-up with these companies after a few weeks they will use some dirty tricks to force these customers to opt for a higher paid plan.

Allocation of limited resources

Generally, with such free hosting accounts features like the number of allowed email accounts and databases will be very low, like 1 or 2 email addresses. There would be a limitation on the number of visitors websites can have per month. Once the sites hit the limit, the website would be down.

Poor performing servers

Uptime is a significant factor for any websites. Free accounts may get allocated on a very old server spec where the hardware and software will be outdated. We have seen companies who provide PHP 5.xx to their free tier customers where this PHP version is an older version, unsupported by the core developers, may not work with latest frameworks and applications and there is no any active development. If you are using an old program or software or any scripting language, then you are missing a much higher performance and putting yourself in danger.

Due to the lack of quality technical specs, even a simple static page will face frequent downtime.

Your website loads incredibly slow

As part of their upsell strategy, they may have reduced the resources allocated to any FREE plans and forcing customers to upgrade. If you are concerned about your website’s SEO, then this is a situation where you need to think again. Page Speed is a critical factor in SEO, and this metric is one of the page ranking metrics which Google publicly confirmed.

Ads as a revenue stream

Adding your free websites to their Ads network and placing ads on your sites is one of their revenue streams. While you are trying hard to get visitors to your website, these companies are busy in making tons of money form your sites.

Denial of Essential Services

This denial of essential services is another action we happened to see from a few websites. Imagine a situation when you logged in to their control panel for accessing critical services like email accounts or file manager you see a message says Access Denied, pay us to unblock this section. You may not have any other options as all your digital assets are inaccessible now.


We have recently identified a significant threat comes from free hosting providers, which is more dangerous than what we listed above and it will affect all of the parties involved here. The shorter form of this threat is, while you depend on a free web hosting account, your website becoming a part of the crypto mining network and all your visitors will be the victims.

Cryptojacking is the unauthorized use of someone else’s computer to mine cryptocurrency using CPU power of their devices; in this case, it is your website visitor who put trust in you. Hackers and the free web hosting service providers do this by either getting the victim to click on a malicious link in an email that loads crypto mining code on the computer or by infecting a website or online ad with JavaScript code that auto-executes once loaded in the victim’s browser.

The crypto mining code then works in the background as unsuspecting victims use their computers usually. The only sign they might notice is slower performance or lags in execution, and unfortunately, most of the Anti Virus software can’t identify such processes as in this method, there is nothing installed on the victim’s computer.

Since the website hosted on their server, they do inject the mining code in all your website pages without letting you know. The JavaScript code line usually would be Obfuscated, and this makes difficult for the visitor and the website owner identify such codes. You see using this Cryptojacking the free hosting website providers can make hundreds and thousands of dollars very quickly in each month.

You see, if you are serious about your websites, then we strongly recommend you not to use such companies. We understand that cost is a significant fact why anyone looks for a service provider who is offering free products.

Unlike other companies, we are a not-for-just-profit company. Our primary mission is to promote open web, let everyone be the creator of the internet. That’s why we are collaborating with reputed organisations by providing FREE web hosting accounts to NGOs. And we also have more than five years of incredible experience in server management. So, you are in a Great company!

We at Host My Website Online is committed to bring more people online and help the Internet to have more genuine and beautiful websites. That’s why we have our Silver plan as low as ₹35.00 per month. Our shared hosting servers are 100% SSD with unlimited bandwidth and a free SSL certificate powered by Let’s Encrypt.

Jafar Muhammed is an advocate of the open web, an open source contributor, passionate to bring more people online. He is the CEO of Threadly Store LLP, the parent company of Host My Website Online.

Why you should not use FREE Domains

Why you should not use FREE Domains - Host My Website Online

Many small groups and individuals are launching their websites online every single day. Most of the new webmasters are students or someone who starts to build a blogging website to earn some extra decent money. They may not have enough money to register a domain name and purchase a web hosting account.

So, they will search for free domain names and free hosting accounts; sadly there are hundreds of websites out there to make use of everyone who looks for a free domain and hosting.

Just like setting up a web server and maintaining it, domain name management also has many expenditures. There are costs associated with Registrar, Registry, ICANN etc. They have to keep their IT infrastructure, pay the salary, meet other office expenses etc. So, how can any company give you a domain name without you spending anything?

There are two types of free domains

Free domains with a paid product

Big companies like GoDaddy used to offer free domains as part of their product upsell strategy. You will get a legit domain name registered in your name, only if you purchase a paid service like a shared hosting account. Most of the times you can get a domain at a very lowest price, but from next year onwards when you renew it, you have to pay a higher amount.

Free domains without any commitments

There are a few TLDs which you can register free of cost, like .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq etc. from a few websites with absolutely zero of cost. Well, not really, the price is enormous. Why?

Ownership of the domain

Usually, when you register a domain, you own that digital asset. You can renew, change any contact details, host anywhere, transfer and renew at your will. But when you register a free domain with such companies, you will not technically own the domain. That means these companies can take back the domain, transfer to someone else or even delete it without letting you know or getting your consent.

Free domains affect SEO and email delivery

Search Engines are pretty smart; they can well guess that you are using a free domain and it is technically a disposable domain name. So, it is evident that they will not do anything even if you wrote an original high-quality content.

Most of the Email Service Providers and System Administrators are already marked such domain extensions as a massive source of spam emails. It is natural that when a spammer sees a free domain name, they will register their next website and send spam emails using that domain. So if you have a free domain name with a very low reputation, then surely whatever emails you send to your audience or customers they will not receive it.

People won’t trust you

In every business, especially an online business, trust is a crucial element. Luckily many people know that such disposable domain names and the risks associated with that. If your target audience is such educated people, then nothing will make you gain their trust.

A typical cost of a free disposable domain name

I will take John as an example. John is a computer student, and he wanted to start a technology blog focusing on quality Android Apps. He registered a free disposable domain and started building it. After a year of hard work, John has now thousands of articles and getting a decent income using Google AdSense which John connected to his blog.

On a fine day, he received an email says that his domain name transferred to someone else or deleted it. Or when John visits his blog, suddenly John started seeing an ad placed by the company John registered the domain. He realised that this company took the ownership of his successful blog and now received all the revenues generated by ads placed on John’s website. In reality, his blog and reputation he built from past a year, his audience and their traffic, income from Google AdSense all vanish. How bad is the situation, isn’t it?

Free subdomains

This free subdomain offer is another trick a few companies apply to get more sales. In reality, there is no additional cost setting up for a subdomain. People who just started may not identify a subdomain, and they will think that they got a free domain.

We understand why people are looking for a free domain and free web hosting. We recommend you to buy domains by spending some money. We at Host My Website Online is committed to bring more people online and help the Internet to have more genuine and beautiful websites. That’s why we have our Silver plan as low as ₹35.00 per month. Our shared hosting servers are 100% SSD with unlimited bandwidth and a free SSL certificate powered by Let’s Encrypt.

Jafar Muhammed is an advocate of the open web, an open source contributor, passionate to bring more people online. He is the CEO of Threadly Store LLP, the parent company of Host My Website Online.